Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I come to Blunck's for my senior portraits?
At Blunck's, our professional photographers know how to capture individuality in a personalized portrait. Whether your style is elegant, contemporary, or traditional, you can trust Blunck's with a portrait investment you will treasure forever.

Once my session is complete, how long will it be until I see the images?
In some cases, we are prepared to show you your images immediately following the session. We will also provide a printout of your images for you to take home, or you may select our 30-days-Online Proofing option instead of the printout. Another option is an image CD to take home and use on your pc for two weeks. If you are photographed at your school, a printout will be mailed to your home.

I haven't had my senior portraits done yet! Is it too late?
Be sure to check when your school's yearbook photography deadline is. Otherwise, we have no deadlines at Blunck's.

Are there special requirements for my yearbook portrait?
Many schools have dress requirements such as tuxedos, drapes and the like, many of which we do provide here at Blunck's. Call your school or nearest Blunck's Studio for information on your specific yearbook requirements.

I want to do much more than just my yearbook portrait. What should I do?
We specialize in senior photography and would love to make your portraits special. The possibilities are endless. We hope you will bring a wide variety of clothing changes and your favorite things as props. Don't forget your sports items, musical instruments, letter jackets, pets, car, or friends! The sky is the limit! Just be sure to ask us to reserve extra time when making your appointment.

I am not happy with my complexion. Should I reschedule my session?
Do not cancel your appointment. Our digital artists can retouch any imperfection. Our deluxe and masterpiece finishes both include facial retouching so keep that in mind when you order your portraits.

I need a lot of wallets for my graduation announcements. Should I order them now or later?
You may order as few as eight wallets if you wish, or many more. Please notice our wallet specials, or you may refer to the a la carte portion of our guide. If you are ordering a package, you may add wallets of the same pose for our very best value!

When do I have to pay for my order?
You may pay in full at the time of order. Also if you like, you may make a deposit of 50% at the time you place you order. Just keep in mind that the balance is due in full before order delivery.

How long will my senior order take to come in?
Senior orders usually take approximately three to four weeks from the time that we receive it. For an additional fee, we may be able to expedite your order more quickly. Ask a sales associate for options if you need a faster turn-around.

What if I want to order from more poses that the packages allow?
No problem. Just add $12 for each pose you wish to add into your selected package. (Please note that units cannot be split.)

Will this order come to my home?
You may pay in full at the time you place your order and we can ship your order to your home via UPS, if you like. Otherwise, you may pick the order up at the studio nearest you.